The Good Mother Myth Is Here!

This truly is a happy new year over here in Mamafesto land. The book I’ve been working on for a while is finally out there in the world. The Good Mother Myth: Redefining the Narrative to Fit Reality is officially published! The launch date was yesterday, New Years eve, and today, the 1st of 2014, the book is really here.


Me, with the book and totally excited. (so excited that yes, the book is backwards)

The book is a collection of essays from a variety of mothers and I truly love every single one of them. The range from sweet and hilarious to heartbreaking and bitterly raw. They are all honest, from the heart, and much needed nuanced voices that we don’t get to hear from when motherhood is trotted out in mainstream media.

With the book officially out, there are a few things you can do now:

1. Order the book! That might seem obvious but it never hurts to remind folks. You can order it on Amazon (on sale there today!). Amazon also has a Kindle version available for you e-readers out there. You can also order it via Barnes & Noble, or your local, indie bookseller (my favorite choice!).

2. Review the book! Once you’ve purchased & read the book – please review it! You can do so on Amazon or Goodreads. Either way, I’m interested and excited to hear what folks think about it, so please share your thoughts with me and others.

3. Check out the GMM website. The website has a whole host of awesome stuff going on. You can learn more about the book’s contributors, read all the awesome press we’ve been receiving, check out what events are coming up, and read posts from the Good Mother series.

4. Attend a GMM Event! Check out the Events page over at the GMM website to see if there are any coming up near you. There are a handful of events already scheduled in NYC, Chicago, Portland, and more. We’ll be adding more in the coming weeks, and if you’d like to have  GMM event, please be in touch with me and we’ll try to set something up!

5. Tell a Friend! Word-of-mouth has been my biggest friend in helping to get news of the book out there. Share a link to this post, the GMM website or the Amazon page. Tell friends via your social media networks. We’re using the hashtags #GMM and #GoodMotherMyth

And… because I’m so excited about the book’s release, I’m giving away 2 signed copies of the book! Check out below for how to enter:

Good Mother Myth giveaway

UPDATED: I’ve added the giveaway to FB on The Mamafesto’s page and the GMM page where it’s easier (I think) to enter! (If those links don’t work, head on over to either The Mamafesto’s FB page or The Good Mother Myth on FB and click on the Giveaway tab in the header. Oh, technology… )

5 thoughts on “The Good Mother Myth Is Here!

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  2. I’m SO excited to read the book and to attend your Tawk (on about the book. The Good Mother Myth is incredibly damaging to women everywhere – it’s just another class of things on which women’s decisions are held up to public scrutiny and comment, in ways that men’s decisions most certainly are not.

  3. As a mama-to-be (expecting my second next month after the loss of our first), I’m excited to read this. I love reading about different perspectives on mama-hood and have always known there’s no such thing as being a “perfect” mom or how you’re only a “good” mom if you do certain things. Everything is subjective. Congrats on your publication!

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