How to Raise a Happy Kid

I don’t have the magical solution, and to be honest, I don’t think anyone does. There are certain things that can help – sure: access to safe, outdoorsy areas, good friends, a stable home life, etc… But beyond the basic necessities, I feel like it all comes down to the individual kid and family. That being said, this infographic has been making the rounds:


(You may need to zoom in to read it all!)

So what say you? I did happen to find the following pretty interesting:

 A mom’s satisfaction with her life is more important to a young child’s social and emotional skills than her education, income or job status. 

One thought on “How to Raise a Happy Kid

  1. I totally agree with your last sentence! There is a German saying (no clue whether it is of German origin) that points in the same direction: happy and well-balanced mothers have happy and well-balanced children.

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