Vacation Getaway…

As you may have noticed, the blog took an unexpected hiatus over the summer. No excuses, no real big reasons beyond sunshiny days, splashing around in pools and oceans, and general laziness. I’m okay with it.


But Fall is around the corner and The Mamafesto is back in action. Expect a few upcoming posts on some amazing new books that are out, some rambling thoughts of my own, and some quick hits of things I’ve been reading/experiencing/enjoying lately.

While I wasn’t posting here, I was still writing all over. Catch up with me at The Jewish Daily Forward, The Frisky, and SheKnows. Plus, keep an eye out for new pieces coming soon at, Kveller, DAME and more!

And, I’m still very much hard at work on book #2, The Perfect Birth Myth. If you haven’t yet taken our Birth Experiences Questionnaire (and have birthed at least 1 baby in the US since 2005) – please do so now! We’ll also be unveiling our birth partner questionnaire as well as a birth provider survey in the next couple of weeks.

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer!

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