We’re Now a Family of 4

Whaaaaaaat? You may be asking yourself. A “family of four?!” But you’ve written about being one and done. Hell, you even published an essay about it in a book, and for Time Magazine. You liar! You hypocrite!

Aw, calm down. Don’t you worry. We’re still sticking with the one kid, but we have added a new family member – a dog! Last month, we adopted a little dachshund-mix puppy from South Carolina. His story is all sorts of bittersweet. He was in a shelter down South when a woman had showed up to inquire about another dog (she runs a rescue from her home). This little guy had kennel cough, and was going to be put down. She ended up taking him back to her home, we found him via PetFinder, and after a quick Skype video chat to “meet” him (no, really), he boarded a van North and we picked him up in Connecticut.


We’ve named him Matzah Ball, but call him Matzy and he’s the best puppy ever. Deliciously sweet, rambunctious, and a total love. The kiddo and I were sitting on the couch with the dog between us the other evening. We were taking turns dangling a chew toy in front of him to bat and nip at. All of a sudden, the kiddo turns to me and says, “We’re complete now. We’re a family of four.”


It was a pretty obvious observation, but it felt so right coming from the kiddo. I’m sure the dog won’t completely eliminate the “are you going to have a baby or what?” queries, from the kiddo or anyone else, but for now, people are reveling in our puppy-dom, and we’re figuring out how this family of four thing works out when one of us is a dog.


Side note to all this cuteness: We’ve been hitting up our local pet store more often lately, and I am blown away that puppy toys come in pink and blue choices. I mean, the puppies can’t even tell the difference, so really, it’s just for us and what we’re used to. I will say, that while we have both blue and pink toys, our little guy tends to prefer the pink ones. Hmm… They’re probably just tastier.

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