Who’s got a story to share?

Photo Credit: Magenta Rose on Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Magenta Rose on Creative Commons

One of the things I like best about writing is being able to share people’s stories. Whether it’s via a profile, part of a larger, in-depth reported piece, or through book form (Ahem. Have I mentioned that The Good Mother Myth makes an excellent holiday present?). I just love being a conduit for sharing new, diverse, and interesting stories. One of the perks about writing for an outlet like SheKnows is that I have access to a platform that reaches millions, but at the same time, I can publish a Q&A with somebody like Erika Lust, a wife, mom, and – oh yeah – an erotic filmmaker.

I’m prepping story ideas for the next few months, and in addition to writing some personal essays, some op/eds and trending pieces, I want to dive deeper and swim farther into the parenting waters. Which of you out there is doing something new, daring, fun, outrageous? Who is pushing boundaries and comfort levels? Who has a fantastic story to tell? You don’t have to have gone to Space Camp or produce porn, but I am interested in those who live or parent outside the box. So, if you have a story to share (or know someone who does), be in touch*! Comment here, tweet me, or fill out the contact form below.

*And don’t immediately dismiss yourself as not having a story to tell. Everyone’s got something interesting going on…


Image sourced from Flickr user Magenta Rose

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