Book Review: A Letter to My Mom

Lisa Erspamer’s  “A Letter to…” series offers up letters written from the heart to a variety of recipients. Past collections have honored dogs and cats, but now it’s mamas time to shine. In Erspamer’s latest volume, A Letter to My Mom, we’re treated to a  variety of letters ranging from super sweet and sentimental to inspiring, hilarious, and some bittersweet.



The letters are totally bite size, allowing you to read one or a handful, coming back and forth when you need to. Some stood out to me more so than others, including will.iam’s poem to his mother Debra, Melissa River’s hilariously sarcastic letter to her late mother Joan, and Josh Groban’s letter, which shows off the singer’s uniquely, quirky humor. A Letter to My Mom is a lovely collection, perfect as a Mother’s Day gift (or anytime gift, really), and while I can’t see myself reading and re-reading it over and over again, it did what it set out to do: share letters from children to their mothers. And, despite the contributors coming from a variety of backgrounds (I actually really appreciated the diversity in this book), there are many universal themes strung throughout.

*Disclosure: I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher for review. 

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