Color me excited

I love coloring. What started as a regular childhood activity has turned into something more as an adult. I love coloring intricately drawn designs and pictures. In fact, coloring books are now a part of my anti-anxiety tool kit, as the meditative like focus used in coloring can help center and ground me when anxiety shows up.

So you can only imagine how excited I am that I will be featured in an upcoming coloring book. The phenomenal Ijeoma Oluo is putting together the Badass, Feminist Coloring Book and will be featuring me and the kiddo on one of the pages.


I mean, really. This coloring book will feature a ton of diverse, amazing feminists and you can COLOR ON ALL OF THEM. I know I’m excited to see what I would look like with rainbow hair and fierce make up. The kiddo is beyond excited we’re being immortalized in this way as well. See who else is being turned into pages for you to color, order your own copy, and support Ijeoma’s work!

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