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Despite the fact that my description of myself might change on any given day, these things remain constant: I’m a working play-at-home mama, freelance writer, wife and feminist (and not necessarily in that order). The Mamafesto focuses on the way feminism and motherhood intersect (at least for me) and my own feelings, issues and struggles surrounding it.

I also tend to talk about my almost 6 year old son a lot. Go figure.

Before getting into the whole parenting gig, I received a BA in History & Education from UMASS, and a MA in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Women Studies from Wesleyan University. I spent some time teaching high school social studies and loving every minute of it. Except hall duty.

Besides this blog, write on the reg for The FriskyMs. Magazine’s blog, RH Reality Check and others. The majority of my writing, however, is freelance. You can find more info on that and more, here. 

You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook, or contact me via email: TheMamafesto (at) gmail (dot) com

14 thoughts on “About Avital Norman Nathman

  1. Salutations!

    Just in case you might be interested in ‘Pink & Blue’ and haven’t heard about it yet – As a filmmaker, I’m taking a moment off from the regular grind to fight for ‘gender-equality-in-toyland’ – using weapons of mass attraction.

    The fundraising countdown clock has begun on my lil’ PSA project. You can learn about it (and donate, or share, or whatever you might be inspired to do) here:

    It’s going to be an awesome PSA – and later, it will be a piece in need of an org to push it. I have a lovely crew forming, and Hollywood actors who have generously agreed to donate their voices. If you support the idea of ‘Playtime without limits’…feel free to check out what we’re up to – via the Kickstarter link…

    James Parris

  2. So….you really didn’t earn a degree in anything that really matters. Liberal arts, women’s studies. What a buncha crap. Stop wasting the world’s time by forwarding a philosophy that has no value, provides no original thought to current culture, and has no meaning for girls and young women of today. Your continued devotion to a divisive dead mantra is what is wrong with today’s society. We are all one people, and it is each individual’s responsibility, man or woman, to see that ALL are respected and valued, not just women because they have ovaries and a vagina.

    Denise Sevigny, PhD, RN, CNE

    • Hi Denise,

      I just want to let you know that I welcome respectful debate and discussion on any of the actual posts on my blog. Please feel free to hop over to any post and leave your thoughts and comments there. However, I will not tolerate a blatant personal attack on my education or false assumptions about me on your part. Nowhere have I said that it is only the burden or responsibility of women to ensure equality in our society. In fact, I argue that in order to reach equality we need to become more inclusive and work together.

      It’s a shame that you feel the need to personally attack me and aspects of my life over supposed differences. I’m not sure how that helps anyone.

      I’m going to close comments on this page (and eventually delete them) because this isn’t really information up for commenting on. Rather, it’s here for folks who are curious about my background.

  3. Wow, Denise, looks like you got your PhD in harshness. Your comment is rude and disrespectful. I am so grateful to live in a society where women have a voice. In a society like Afghanistan, women have no voice. Living in a terrifyingly oppressive society, women there are not even permitted to show their faces in public, let alone express an opinion to the world. Sarah Palin and Nancy Pelosi are two of the most polarizing people in America, and opponents vociferously express their disagreement with every word that comes out of their mouths, but we should never question these women’s right to say what they need to say. Avital also has a right to say what she needs to say, and she happens to say it beautifully.

    Your comment is incredibly divisive. It is this kind of divisionism that has brought Washington to a standstill, and indeed that is hurting our country. It’s an inability to listen to the other side. Sadly, it seems that the “dead mantra” is actually bipartisanship.

    I am so grateful that my husband was able to flee an oppressive society where there is no freedom of speech, and those who say the wrong thing face jail or much worse. He came to this country, got degrees from Harvard and Yale, and is now pursuing his dream of a career in health care. America makes dreams possible, and it makes sure voices are heard on both sides of the aisles. I see from your RN degree that you are a healer. You might consider the healing power of kind words, tolerance, respect, and a willingness to listen.

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