Not So Black Friday

While thousands of folks might be lining up for Black Friday deals at big box stores across the country today, I just don’t have it in me to join them.

Beyond my issues with many big box stores pushing branded clothes, I just can’t get excited about the mostly boring options they have…especially for boys. My son isn’t a huge fan of sweatpants, and likes bright, bold colors and patterns. He enjoys having more on his shirts than a (not so) pithy statement or picture of a football or truck.

While there seems to be a bit more variety out there for girls’ clothes (although I don’t envy anyone for having to sort through the overabundance of frilly pink stuff), boys clothes seem to fall short unless they’re of the boutique (read: super $$$) variety. Is it too much to ask for a bit more beyond primary-colored clothes and yawn-inducing styles?

I have a son who occasionally rocks a tutu, pink socks, or a button down shirt (sometimes all three at once) because he finds some fun and creativity in creating his own style. Sometimes he nails it, other times it’s a bit questionable…but it’s always all him.

I love when I come across a place that feeds into that desire (both mine and EZ’s) for something different…something fun.

Thumbeline is an online store that offers a unique and diverse assortment of clothes for both babies and kids.

Mini Rodini Organic Elephant t-shirt at Thumbeline

You won’t find any branded, stereotypical clothing here. The boys clothes aren’t dull and unimaginative and the girls clothes don’t look like smaller versions of teen or adult fashion. Instead you’ll find whimsical, colorful, fun and fabulous clothes for both boys and girls alike.

Amazing unisex pants from Thumbeline!

And, for a limited time, the kind folks at Thumbeline are offering readers of The Mamafesto a holiday discount! From now until Monday 12/5, enter the code: MAMAFESTO20 at checkout and receive 20% off your purchase!

So make this Black Friday a little bit more colorful with some vibrant pants, sweet tops or playful headpieces over at Thumbeline!