International Women’s Day: A Purim Story.

Independent. Savvy. Intelligent. Courageous. Brave. Outspoken. Heroic.  In a time where damning attacks on everything from reproductive rights to basic human rights occur around the globe, it is essential that we continue to instill and promote the traits above in … Continue reading


This past month has seen a bit of a dip in posts over here, but it’s not because I’ve been slacking – I swear! A majority of my ranting (and a little raving) has been happening over at Bitch Media where my guest blog series, Mom & Pop Culture has been going on.

I’ve been having a blast over at Bitch, writing about everything from Happy Meals, Comic Books, Princesses and more. While what I’ve been ruminating on over there isn’t much of a leap from what usually goes on over here, it has been interesting reaching a whole new audience and hearing their thoughts/reactions to what I have to say. (For example, check out the comments on this My Little Pony post – who would have thought a cartoon pony would create such a stir?).

I still have one more month blogging for Bitch, and have a variety of topics to cover…the Holidays, toy shopping, The Muppets, reality TV and more. But, I’m always curious if there’s something specific that anyone is interested in seeing me tackle. I’m pretty much up for everything, and as long as it fits into the pop culture/parenting, I’m game! (so leave a comment letting me know!)


Blog In 2011 – The Participants

I am SO proud & inspired by all the folks who have joined in today to speak out to our leaders – letting them know what WE want to see in OUR government.

Please take a minute to check out all the fabulous folks participating. And please comment below if I did not include you, and I’ll make sure to add you. More and more people are adding their voices – THANK YOU!

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There is still time for your to participate! CLICK HERE for more info!

Blog-In For Democracy

Dear 2012 Presidential Candidates,

We are your future constituents and we are parents.

We are American mothers and fathers and grandparents and guardians. Our families might be the most diverse in the world. Blended and combined in endless permutations, we represent every major religion, political ideology and ethnic culture that exists. We are made from equal parts biology and choice. Our children come to us in every way possible—including fertility miracles, adoption, and remarriage.

Our very modern families embody the freedom that defines America. We embody America. We are rich in diversity, but we are united in our family values. We come together today, with one voice, to express our grave disappointment in the national political discourse.

The 2012 countdown has barely begun and we are already being bombarded with the warmed-over, hypocritical rhetoric of 2008. We are living in a time where 25% of Americans now live in poverty, the unemployment rate stands at 16%, and we are spending close to $170 billion annually between the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.*

Given the current state of affairs we would expect every candidate to focus on the issues that truly matter: job creation, debt-relief, taxes, education, poverty, and ending the war(s). Instead, it is already clear to us that the conversation has been hijacked, with the goal of further polarizing our nation into a politically motivated and falsely created class-war.

We will not stand for another campaign year in which politicians presume to know what our family values are as they relate to the nation.

To be clear, here are our family values:

    • Affordable health care, including family planning, for all Americans. We will not tolerate any candidate using the shield of “Choice” to blind us from the issues that really matter. When funding is stripped from organizations like Planned Parenthood, access to sliding-scale health care (including yearly pap smears & mammograms), comprehensive sex education, and family planning is blocked from the poorest of the population.
    • Access to education, and the ability to actually use it. We want quality, affordable, federally-funded pre-K programs made available in every State, in order to provide an even starting point for all children enrolled in public schools— regardless of the wealth of the district or town they live in.
    • A reinstatement of regulations for banks issuing mortgages and full prosecution for those who engaged in fraudulent lending practices. We want full accountability —investigation, indictment and prosecution— of those individuals and institutions who engaged in fraudulent lending practices and who helped create the massive foreclosures that left many families homeless or struggling to keep their homes.
    • A return of strict environmental regulations protecting water, air, food, and land that were removed in the last two decades. We want our children to grow up in a world not weighed down by the strains of pollution and global warming. Between BPA in our products, sky-rocketing rates of asthma in kids, questionable hormones in our over-processed food, and more, we need leaders who will put our needs and safety over the desires and profits of large corporations.

Family planning, healthcare, education, economic solvency and environmental safety: these are our national family values.

Candidates who demonstrate the ability to understand the gravity of these issues, and their impact on our families, and who can provide actual, viable solutions to these problems will garner our support and our votes.

We believe in this democratic system of ours, and we will continue to use our voices and our votes to see that it reaches its fullest potential.


Your future constituents,
The mothers & fathers of America

For more information on how to participate in this Blog-In, please click here. 

If you would like to forward this letter to your elected officials, you can find their contact info at the following links:


* Sources for stats:

If you are participating in BLOG-IN 2011, please leave a comment below, linking to your post – and THANK YOU for joining us in our attempt to have our voices heard! 



Blog In – Speak Out!

The internet is full of amazing things. From Lolcats to bootlegged HBO shows (not that I’d know anything about that…) to social media networks, it really seems like it’s all out there in the vast expanse of interwebbing (or whatever the technical term is).

And every so often, you come across a person or two that you wouldn’t have connected with otherwise and something…sparks. No, not in that way, but in a way that sets my activist spirit soaring.

That’s how I felt when I met Lisa Duggan of The Motherhood Blog. We met via Twitter and instantly connected. Despite a state or two of separation between us, through email, IM & phone convos we quickly realized we were in the same headspace about a lot of things. One of those being the upcoming presidential election and the overall political climate of our country.

We talked forever about our frustration, our anger, and our desire to do something. When Occupy Wall Street emerged we cheered them on, our fellow fighters of injustice. When Parents for Occupy Wall Street was created, we knew we found “our people.”

Born from our frustration and desire to enact change, Lisa & I came up with the concept of a Blog-In. We crafted a simple letter to the 2012 presidential candidates (and in truth, to all our elected officials) that we’re urging all parent bloggers to post on their sites on November 8th. 

The plan is straightforward: read our letter. If you agree with us, please spread the word, sign up and post it to your site on November 8th. In addition to posting the letter on 11/8, feel free to share your own words/reasons for participating either before or after the letter.

Email a copy of your post to the candidates, the president, your elected officials. Involve yourself in this new form of democratic protest. While posting a letter on your blog might not be the loudest action you can do, by collectively posting it, we can show that our voices are many. That parents do have something to say about the way things are going in our country and that we demand change.

On November 8th I will also be posting our letter, and will link to anyone else who does in my post! 

Feel free to ask any questions via email or in the comments below. And let me know if you’ll be participating!

But What About The Rest Of Us?

Earlier today, everyone on Twitter was sharing an article that recently came out in New York Magazine. The Rebirth of the Feminist Manifesto is a positive look at how the feminist discussion has moved to the ‘net and it profiles various feminist websites and blogs .

I should be happy. Rarely do feminists get a positive plug in the media (unless it’s from their own hand, i.e. Ms., Bitch, Bust, etc…). Some articles are negative, others infuse an eye-rolling tone, and others play up stereotypes and falsehoods. So, when a well written article that extolls the virtues of various feminist websites and blogs pops up, especially in a mainstream publication like New York Magazine, I should be happy, right?

And I am.

To a point.

Because the article just seems to pay lip service to the idea of feminist writing. Despite being complimentary, it only begins to skim the surface of the rich and diverse writings within the feminist blogosphere.

The sites mentioned within the article itself, and the list of ones at the end seem to be the big hitters that everyone already knows about. That’s not to say that these websites aren’t great. Many of them are ones that I read daily. Hell, Jezebel is my go to site when I’m hanging out at procrastination station avoiding actual work. I’ll sit there and click refresh over and over again to see if they have any new content.

The article also does a great job of providing a racially diverse list of websites…something that is usually overlooked when posting feminist resources or links. So kudos.

But… (and you just knew there was a but coming)…

What about the rest of us?

While I understand not being able to list every feminist blogger out there, what about at least talking about the other conversations that are occurring within the feminist blogosphere? For me, the biggest gaping hole I found in the article was parents. Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know – parents aren’t hip. But we’re here and we’re part of the feminist conversation.

I know I’m talking about myself here…but I think the conversation feminist parents are having is an important one. Not only are we raising future feminists, but we’re also actively working to ensure that the world they grow up in is an accepting, egalitarian one.

Blogs like blue milk, The Feminist Breeder, Raising My Boychick, Mamalicious, Viva LaFeminista and more add another rich level to the conversation, and are vital to creating a more inclusive dialogue.

I already sometimes feel that there’s enough division within the feminist sphere to begin with (breeders vs. child free, etc…) that neglecting to even mention the existence of feminist parenting bloggers feels like a slight (no matter how unintentional I’m sure it was).

While I’m thrilled that feminist writers and bloggers are getting some mainstream coverage, I just wish that other parts of this important sphere also got a nod.

What do you think? Am I being too critical? Should I just be thankful that the feminist blogosphere is at least getting some positive coverage, or is there justification in feeling slighted that large portions of the community were overlooked?

Teen Pregnancy & Motherhood: One Woman’s Thoughts

I’m bursting with pride over today’s post. It’s a guest post from Liz Crossen, a woman that I am honored to call a friend. I’ve known Liz for many years, and I’ve had the privilege to watch her journey from a teen mom of two beautiful sons to a young mother working toward a degree in Women’s Studies.

Liz & Her Sons

When Liz told me about her upcoming thesis project for her major – focusing on the issue of teen motherhood in the US, I was immediately enthralled, and asked her to do a small write up about it for the blog. I just knew that there would be others that would latch on to her research, just as interested and excited by it as I’ve come to be.

Synopsis of Undergraduate Thesis (1 of 2) for Women’s Studies Major, for The Mamafesto Blog

 Liz Crossen

October 11, 2011