…and Then We Bowled

I had an activist’s dream of a weekend.

Saturday was spent at Hampshire College’s Civil Liberty & Public Policy Conference. In addition to attending some wonderful and inspiring workshops (including a moving “Storytelling” panel), I had the absolute privilege of presenting at my own workshop, “When Boys Wear Pink.”

My pal Sarah and I created this workshop last summer, eager to have folks passionate about social justice talking about kids and gender as well. We weren’t sure if folks would be interested (especially when there were so many other, possibly more relevant to their lives workshops to attend at the same time). Regardless, we gathered an amazing group of women ( Erin McNeil, Christian McEwen and Jennifer Bryan) to speak alongside us and hoped for the best.

To say I was blown away by the response would be taking it lightly. Not only was our workshop filled beyond capacity 10 minutes before we were even scheduled to begin, but we ended up going over 1/2 hour later with our Q & A. Members of the audience were just as impassioned as we were and had no shortage of brilliant things to say, as well as tough questions to ask.

High off the success of our panel, I took my little boy in pink bowling Sunday. We bowled to raise money for the Abortion Rights Fund of Western Mass, and bowl we did. We also raised a good chunk of money, but will continue to push for donations until the end of April. With each pin knocked down (whether by myself, my son, our friends, or the many wonderful folks that bowled alongside us), I felt as if we were making a tangible difference in someone’s life.

All day long, as we ran a variety of errands, EZ kept telling folks that “I’m going bowling later! I’m raising money so people can see a doctor!” That was how I described our abortion bowl-a-thon to my 5 year old, and really, that’s the main gist of it all. We were bowling so people who can’t afford certain medical procedures can access them. You can still help us do that by clicking here.

In the meantime…you can see the sort of fun we had: 

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