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Exciting news over here at The Mamafesto!

Starting in November, I’ll be taking on an 8-week guest blogging gig over at Bitch Magazine! 

Graphic by the fabulous Kym Bixler (

I’ll be focusing on the cross-section of parenting, feminism and pop-culture. Mostly that means that the rants I’ve been spouting out over here (on toys, books, clothes, movies, food, etc…) will continue over at Bitch for two months.

I already have a bunch of ideas bouncing around in my head, raring to go and can’t wait until the series begins. I also thought it would be cool to see what folks were talking about, and if anybody had topics they were interested in or wanted me to cover. Feel free to leave your thoughts below! I do have 24 posts to write, so I’ll definitely be looking for inspiration wherever I can find it.

Look for my posts about 3 times/week from the 1st week of November through the end of 2011. In addition to the Bitch blogging gig, I’ll still be posting here (although perhaps not as frequently) and might do a x-post now and again.

(A somewhat aside: I’ve had some phenomenal guest posts here on The Mamafesto in the past, and am open to having more in the future. If you would like to write a guest post for this site, please contact me with your idea!)

Of course, my This Is What A Feminist Looks Like series will continue as it has been, with lots of fabulous profiles coming up! If you would like to participate, please be in touch!


6 thoughts on “Mom & Pop-Culture

  1. Mazel tov, I love Bitch!

    My totally selfish suggestion, based on a comment I got yesterday on my latest blog entry, is to do a post about not only teaching our children LGBTQ acceptance, but *why* that is important – both for our children AND as parents, so that our children not only don’t become bullies, but so that whatever little differences they feel as they grow, they will know we will love them no matter what.

    Of course, you’ll probably be preaching to the choir.

    Another topic I’d love to hear about is something I encounter personally: when other “feminists” (some of them cisgendered men) accuse me of selling out or betraying my feminist ideals by a)becoming a mother; and, worse b)choosing to stay home and raise my children.

    Again, both totally selfish topic suggestions on my part.

    • Thanks! I love them too… Can I share here that while I’m super excited, I’m also a wee bit nervous? yikes!

      Both those ideas sound like great ones to get into, and I’ve already jotted down a few thoughts re:the 2nd one, as I’ve dealt with that once or twice (or more. sigh.).

      • I figured you would have, since this is a blog about mothering and feminism. Why do some idiots think those are mutually exclusive? They wind up at the same place as sexists: once you have a baby, you lose all identity except that of “Mommy.”

  2. Could you write about childcare, too? A philosopher we know wrote her dissertation on why our society is behaving unethically by treating childcare as a luxury instead of a necessity. I bet you could interview her or something if you wanted to! She’s an adjunct at Wesleyan now.

    • Ooh. That could be good. I’m hoping to make a (flexible) blueprint of what I’ll be writing about this week, so if I find a space for that topic, I’ll let you know. And yay for Wesleyan connection! 😀

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